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READY TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE WITH YOUR DOG?Pawsitively Balanced Dog Training offers modern, up-to-date, scientifically proven dog training techniques.
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The FundamentalsDog training is more than building your dog's vocabulary. Training is about building a connection and maintaining a fun bond between your dog and your family.
Clear CommunicationOur job is to establish a clear pattern of communication where your dog can understand the cue and know how to respond. Clear communication provides the balance and security your dog needs to thrive.
ExpectationsWith clear communication you can show your dog how to respond. With our program, you will establish clear goals and expectations for training by breaking it down into achievable steps.

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Owning a dog is one of the pure joys in life. Owning a dog that doesn't listen or is angry and confrontational is the opposite of that. If your furry friend needs a little help to live up to the title of "Man's Best Friend," then Pawsitively Balanced Dog Training can help.

Dog training in Chicago, IL, is something we love to do and something that we take seriously. Our approach utilizes positive reinforcement in our pet training in order to reward a dog for good behavior. Using this technique in our dog training classes not only benefits the dog but you as their owner as well. We encourage education for the owner to learn about and understand their dog. They'll become accustomed to behaving well and displaying good manners, and you'll shower them with love, affection, and rewards. It's a win-win for both of you! We're not just an obedience school; we exist to strengthen your bond with your canine companion.

Our training sessions are conducted privately in home. We specialize in training puppies and dogs of all ages. 

For more information about our dog training courses, give us a call today at (847) 840-8907. 

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